Less than two weeks to Gaudete’s first offering!

We are so excited to share our inaugural offering with you! We just wanted to post a reminder…

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! With Halloween behind us, the chilly days and deepening dark of winter are on their way, and the quick slide into the holiday season has begun. What better time to kindle a fire of sacred music that evokes faith and community with one another?

To that end, Gaudete is preparing for our very first offering, which will take place on November 18, 2018 at 7 pm at the Althea Center in Denver. The performance, conducted by our music director, David Bell, will set the precedent for Gaudete’s ongoing, monthly offerings of music through sacred chant, hymns, and anthems–including a mass movement by Schubert, a Russian Orthodox meditation on communion, and a haunting piece about faith set to writing found on a concentration camp wall. There will also be a few instrumental pieces played by our wonderful pianist, Kris Wittry. Free will donations to support the choir are appreciated.

All this comes together to bring you approximately 40 minutes of beauty and meaning. You don’t need to be religious–just come by and share in this performance to close your weekend and prepare for the holiday season, refreshing your mind, body, and spirit through a community experience of uplifting, thoughtful, stimulating, and meditative music.


Kindle a Fire of Sacred Music with Gaudete. We’d love to help you start your winter holiday season off right!


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